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    Seeking the growth of the parish as a witness to Jesus and the presence of His Spirit.
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This commission seeks the growth of the parish as corporate witness to Jesus and the presence of His Spirit. They are concerned with the proclamation of the Word of God in the larger community by establishing good relationships with other religious communities in our area, by publicity, by inviting and welcoming the unchurched and encouraging all parish organizations to share faith with one another.

Order of Christian Initiation for Children and Adults

RCIA is a structured process meeting the needs of the people on the journey of initiation and conversion to the Catholic faith. Sponsors journey one on one with the Catechumen. Volunteers can provide refreshments for the sessions, or babysitting services for the Catechumen and their sponsors, or be a part of the RCIA team. Spouses and other interested parishioners are welcome to attend the sessions.

Welcoming Committee

A group of parishioners makes it their special concern to make new members feel welcome and familiarize them with the various committees and activities that Blessed Sacrament Church has available to them. This group greets and registers persons wishing to become Blessed Sacrament parishioners on the third Saturday/Sunday of the month after all the Liturgies.


Card Ministry

Volunteers send cards to the sick of the parish and to those who have experienced a death of a loved one.  Seasonal meetings provide time needed to prepare and send cards to homebound parishioners and parishioners in nursing homes or assisted living apartments.