• Commissions

    Seeking the growth of the parish as a witness to Jesus and the presence of His Spirit.
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Administration Commission

This commission seeks to serve the other commissions and the entire parish by seeing to physical and operational needs. They are responsible for overseeing the finances of the parish and the maintenance of its buildings and grounds.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

This committee sees to the physical maintenance of parish facilities.

Landscaping Committee

Develops and installs exterior embellishments of the new buildings.

Parish Office Volunteers

Volunteers assist in the parish office once a week with mailings, bulletins, and other various needs.

Bishop's Appeal

Bishop Murry seeks the support of parishioners for diocesan ministries and Catholic Charities each spring. A parish goal is set by the Bishop's office. 

Computer Support

Those knowledgeable about computers assist the parish staff with both interoffice computer support, as well as utilizing our abilities for parish outreach using the computer world.